Who or what are this StandR's?

StandR's ... That's what we are. And maybe you may join our crazy group.

We practice standing meditation.
Some practise to strengthen and connect the body, to improve their martial arts.
Others to get present, and quiet ... or try it ;)
But most are practising to promote all these aspects.
And finally there are also those who simply have nothing better to do... ;)

But one do not need to keep an ancient tradition to be a true standR. No. We are all StandR's. After all, who is not waiting in the queue at the cash desk in the supermarket. Or waiting for the green traffic light, the train or a friend? We all are. But are we also aware of it? Practicing standing is a powerful exercise for everyday life that can promote both, the body, the mental state and our well-being. All we need to have to stand are our legs and willingness.

Just give it a try. It wont hurt to badly. And if it is difficult for you, seek out for a teacher who can correct your position, so you can stand easier, more relaxed and ultimately longer. And actually we all want to stand throughout the day around the area and do nothing...

If you are allready a StandR, or want to be one, follow us on facebook and tell us your story in words and/or pictures.